Jesus Loves You!! I should do this, like it could be a cool assignment; list all the things God is and then list bible verses to match them


So true!

Memorization - good for school work too.

should read it everyday and then maybe it will sink in!

Who I am in Christ .Here is another great website about Our Identity In Christ --- >

I love the background of the doorknob. but feel as though a different type selection should have been used.

Great Scriptures

Ephesians 3:17

Philippians 4:8 - Think on these things (true, honest, just, pure, lovely things). Reminds me of GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out... so put good stuff in (especially your mind).

This is God...

Scripture on the left, thought on the right.


emergency numbers

Peter 3:3-4. Every girl should have this framed




Amen, thank you God.