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Moroccan mint tea

Mint tea is a specialty of Morocco. It is sweetened green tea with mint leaves. Add an orange slice. Yes, but the pot and glasses are beautiful!

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

How to brew and pour the perfect glass of Moroccan mint tea. Ever since I went to morocco I've been trying to make mint tea as good as what I had there! Hopefully this will satisfy my years of craving it!

Nó thích nhìn những cốc café nóng, đôi khi là nhìn chăm chăm trong vô thức.  Bởi lẽ, theo cốc café thong thả đưa khói, nó thấy mình cũng chậm rãi lắng dịu dần và thanh thản hơn... Và nó luôn gọi cho mình café nóng. Cười :)~

stormofsnow: “ WE HEART IT IS NOT A CREDIT SOURCE. I’d recognise Phase VIII’s work any where, especially her teacups (aren’t they beautiful) On the weheartit page it’s link to this, which I’m also a.

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Here is a cup of hot blackcurrant juice for all of you who celebrate Christmas. We haven't observed the holiday for over 20 years with my husband.

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I love Moroccan tea sets. We once had amazing fresh Moroccan mint tea after a Middle-Eastern dinner and it was lovely. Calmed the stomach down after all that food!

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A Little Loveliness: Special Delivery Tea Party. Sweet little envelope tart.

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