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  • Nanette Houston

    Steps before turning in work sign. Great idea!

  • Hannah Knowlton

    in third grade &frazzled: Turn In Tracker!!

  • Sandra Ottley

    Good idea by my turn in baskets.

  • Lillian (Lil) Templeman

    (PreK-12) Assignment Turn-in Procedure Sign/Poster - This truly has become a lifesaver in my 3rd grade classroom. Students know what is expected of them when turning in an assignment. I place a cup of highlighters next to the turn-in tub along with a clothespin with each child's name on it. When they turn in their assignment, they refer to the sign for their checklist!

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Poster to print - I used highlighters last year. I kept a basket of them by the work tray and established rules (only 1 color, if your name is missing you must write it in pencil). It worked perfectly! Previously I had a a LOT of no-name papers. After this, I seldom had no-name papers! :) Love it!

I like the idea of putting this on my desk during a test. As each kid turns in their test to me they can take one and return to their seat.

Need to figure out how to print this so I can put it on my bucket I carry around everywhere!

Wait Your Turn Cards. You will never have a noisy line up of kids at your desk again!

FREE! I put these tags on each student desk as a reminder of what to do in the morning when they come in from the buses. They are a great pictoral and w...

This is a comprehensive 7 page document that lists and categorizes every single procedure/routine to teach in your classroom. This takes all of the guess work out of your beginning of the year management plan.

40 different little cards to remind students to be responsible and demonstrate good behavior. Place them on students' desks as you circulate around the room as a quiet reminder to improve. Priced item.

Editable quick reference flip book to help substitutes find the most important info they need about your class at a glance. Print on brightly colored paper and hang in a prominent location near your desk so that a new substitute can easily find it, and have necessary information at his/her fingertips!

how to get books for the classroom for dirt cheap! you can sometimes get 300 books (of your choice!) for 10$

Love this, it has helped cut down supply time in my classroom! All supplies are stored in the drawers. Each group of desks has their own supply tower! Top drawer has blank paper and the top I velcro'd a basket to turn in their work.

Pinterest inspired: My Boggle Board! My kids LOVE it. I put it on a smaller white board, so it can "travel" the classroom. Either sit at the front of the room or at the Word Work Station.

As I grade papers, I have a stack of these printed and ready to go. If a student is missing an assignment, I fill out a Missing Work Notice card an...