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Any hair-do facial hair/no facial hair he wears it well. (understatement of the year)

Hugh Jackman | "You can't go through life obsessing about what might have been."

I want my mom to like, marry this guy so I can just look at him everyday. Yeah, i'd say they're the same age.

Hugh Jackman. I'm pretty sure it goes without of my fan girl life. Always and forever.

Hugh Jackman. He can Wolverine my heart any time! ...yes, I'm aware that made absolutely no sense. *waves giant fan sign* HUGH JACKMAN I LOVE YOUUUU

Hugh Jackman, So Hot and So versatile ( plus he played Curley in the London Version of Oklahoma)

"Silly Hugh.. You got in the tub with your clothes on. Come here. Let me take them off of you" -kate

remember that time we spent an evening with Hugh Jackman Laura Hennesy

hugh-jackman The 10 Best CSR Related Posts from 2012

Hugh Jackman. X-Men (Logan / Wolverine), Swordfish (Stanley Jobson), Kate & Leopold (Leopold), Van Helsing (Gabriel Van Helsing), The Prestige (Robert Angier), Australia (Drover) . Voice over work: Flushed Away (Roddy), Happy Feet (Memphis)