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    All the time.

    • Emily Menne

      My childhood was awesome but I could never do this. I was always terrible at climbing up things. I still can't climb up a rope. ;)

    • Melissa Alba

      I use to do this as a kid at my grandmas house in her hallway! My childhood was definitely awesome! :D

    • Sharon

      Childhood Memories... did this all the time, between the hallway and kitchen. dad would yell at me..... haha

    • Patty Armijo

      Haha, we used to babysit our neighbors kids and they did this all the time and on the wall in the hallway!!!

    • Sevina Brewington Roseman

      I guess my childhood was awesome... Learned this from my older brother and sister who ALSO taught me how to "walk" across the room balanced on the arms of our children's wooden rocking chair (purchased with S&H green stamps.) Good time.

    • Noelle Hammer

      I TOTALLY did this when I was a kid. . . Between this and the hallway walls. . . Yes, my childhood was awessome!

    • Carla Olsen

      This made me laugh. I shouldn't get mad at my kids when they try to climb up the walls.

    • Jenn Perkins

      I did this ALL the time and my childhood was awesome! As for my kids.... ;)

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