Swirl Tie Dye Technique (and other tie dye patterns)

Tie Dye Folding Techniques using Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye with @bystephanielynn


Who wants to tie dye with us? We'll show you the spiral technique using the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye! http://www.ilovetocreate.com/techniquesteps.aspx?t=5f0219e9-b91d-48d3-8c1e-d6b847702c67

Tye dye with taylor

Tissue Paper Tie Dye

Ooh! DIY making a french sennit tutorial - have been wanting to make bracelets this way!

Super stinking cute!!

DIY T-shirt remake

Bleach tie dying

Tie Dyes

Fwd: Knitting video tutorials (and illustrations) from the COOLEST knitting site I've ever seen. Site design is awesome; video narrator voice is gorgeous. The site is trendy, youthful, and high-end.

This looks super easy!

Make HUGE bubbles! We used to have a special bubble tool that we bought to do this when I was a kid but here is a tutorial on how to make your own and it's super easy and cheap.

how to tie dye a t shirt, I've done it plenty of times but I never made designs on them....weekend project!

200 Tie Dye Ideas. You know you wanna see these awesome ideas!! #tiedye

how to make tie-dye soap

Sharpie tie dye. First decorate with sharpie pen the spray with rubbing alcohol. Great girl scout idea without the big mess

Today marks HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary. Four years! To celebrate, we’re revisiting the very first tutorial we ever featured on the site: shibori tie dye. Lauren and I first discovered shibori after discovering an old photo on the web. The idea of recreating an ancient Japanese dyeing technique inspired us to spend an entire weekend experimenting with our favorite deep blue, indigo.

DIY Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover-Up!