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    Challenge accepted. Don't tell me not to do something...I will take it as a challenge. (within reason...)

    My inner child is alive and quite active!

    This one is especially funny for those who are paid to give their opinions to people. www.totalrejuve.com

    when you meet someone who makes you laugh for hours about the stupidest things, you know you've found your best friend.

    I don't know about making me strong. But I've definitely had more than my share of dumb ass guys who did me wrong. I am not sure I'm beautiful either, but I know lots of beautiful strong women. They are awesome.

    This is very true. I can find lots to do alone. Always.

    So true! A lady told me the other day she loved my haircut. It made my day. And I think the reverse of this quote is true. I always try to not make someone's day worse even if I can't summon up the energy to make it (hopefully) better.

    don't we all wish that when we got home from work, your someone would be there to jump up and down, run in circles, bring you toys and gifts...simply because your coming home made their day :)

    garden art print reading library gardener girl mom by dazeychic, twenty bucks on etsy this pretty much defines me!

    ❥Expectations, they will get us into trouble every time