Leprechaun hid shoes around the house and left green treats in them for the kids to find that morning.

More St.Pats fun.

Treats left by "leprechauns" for the kids...you can also put construction paper footprints leading from these treats so the kids know who left the treats.

Leprechaun Trap. We made this last year! The kids were so excited, and Itsy was a little nervous to find the leprechaun inside ;)

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Do the leprechauns visit your house for St. Patrick's Day? Check out the crazy shenanigans the Leprechaun pulls at our home for St. Patrick's Day. Learn how to make fun leprechaun footprints at B-InspiredMama.com.

Leprechaun pie.

You've been pinched I so want to do this!!

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An after dark Egg Hunt - fun! :)

Kiss Me I'm Irish Treats

Easter Treats That Aren't Candy by livestrong #Kids #Easter #Treats

"Lucky U" fun bag of green colored goodies

DIY Interactive Leprechaun Trap

Take a picture of your kids with their favorite things and give to Dad for Fathers Day, saying Daddy I love you more than... :)

10 ways to prove Santa exists! A must if you have children!

Stylish St. Patricks Day Treat Table

This is the cutest idea EVER!

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pretzel shamrocks