I see people around me holding on to anger and judging others for their past mistakes. We live in a broken world and God can only change your heart.

Because I am real


Don't be so quick to #judge me. You only see what I choose to show you. #attitude #quote

I wish some people could learn this, but they just keep saying things that they can't ever take back.


cherokee proverb

Choose Carefully. It's a good thing I did! @Cory Emerson Gill, @Kendall Finlayson Gill @Judith de Munck Gill

must remember

seriously. i am not into you, just being nice.

well said.

Don't Judge


don't judge my choices...and so many.people do!

Well said. And this happens to me all the time.


how true...


I have never heard truer words for my life. It's very sad but so true. A person that fit so well in your past may not fit as well in your future so you have to cut it back. :\

"Yes, I've Made Mistakes . . . ."