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Felin by Pablinchi, via Flickr

Kitten..love this one!


green eyes

oh no, it's monday!!!

Tuxedo cat. Miss you very much, Blackulus. We will be together again one day. Probably when you're 13, because taking in ancient cats is my jam.

Tiger Look by enggul, via Flickr

This movie is so boring I'm going to have to pest someone for food soon. ......Norwegian Forest Cat

Great Grey Owl in Grand Teton National Park.

Don't Make An Otter Angry

GREAT shot! Giraffes catching the raindrops outside their house in the Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Rick Stevens©

Baby Turtle flying

The Okari. Not a Zebra relative but a Giraffe relative | lives in high altitudes in the rain forests of Congo, in central Africa. It was only discovered by scientists in 1901. With white-and-black stripes on its legs, it was first thought to be some kind of a rainforest zebra or a forest-dwelling horse.

Happy Pets - They do feel the same feelings we do, and they are especially happy when humans finally "get it". #pets #animals #happiness #food #dogs


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...

BABY JACK RUSSELL TERRIER ~ "I told him the ball was too big, but he didn't believe it. Now it's STUCK!!"