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  • Joanna Nolan

    Recycled glass bottle walls, gorgeous. These homes are 100% sustainable AND they’re cheap to build. They have their own greenhouses and grow crops year-round no matter the climate. The entire roof of the Earthship funnels rain water to a cistern, which then pumps it to sinks and sowers. Then the used water (grey water) is pumped to the plants. After being cleaned by the plants, the water is pumped into the bathrooms for the toilets which makes it ‘black water’ which is pumped to outside gardens for non-edible plants. The constant temperature in the home is 70°. The large greenhouse windows always face south to heat up the thermal mass throughout the day. Solar panels on the roof and optional wind turbines provide the Earthship with all the power it needs. NO BILLS. They are easy to build. One couple in Canada built a 3-story Earthship by themselves in 3 months. They didn’t hire help nor use expensive equipment. The most basic Earthship is $7,000. IT’S MADE OF RECYCLED MATERIAL.

  • Lisa Johnston

    Earth homes

  • Alisha Smith

    Half the reason th build an earthship type home, the glass wall :) All sizes | EVE Earthship Project bottle entry | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - via

  • Susie ♥(̆̃̃ღ。

    Creativity and Sustainability come together to make a beautiful home.the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building." Earthships can be built in any part of the world, in any climate and still provide electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable food production. Build your own Earthship: You have to copy/paste cuz pinterest won't let me link to:

  • Jiro ✫

    Earthships; selfsufficient cob houses built up with used tires and recycled bottles.

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this is so beautiful. where can i work this in. entrance i love the bottle walls. i have to do this.

This is takes "one mans trash is another mans treasure" to a whole new level...this would be beautiful to have a whole wall with light streaming thru these coloured bottles.

Glass bottle wall with honeycomb pattern. I'm sure if you let the other side be uncovered also it'd look amazing.

New Day (cob studio) by Mike O'Brien PDX. The pretty glass bits are the bottoms of glass bottles, built right into the wall.

love this bottle wall, something to do with all my left over wine bottles @Julie Forrest Robinson. I think you would love this. Maybe you can help me drink some wine!

Love the idea of using glass bottles in the wall but execution needs to be balanced. Too many and you look like a RT 66 nutjob.

All-clear bottles gives a beautiful effect too, as seen here, EarthShip Photo: Earthship Kristen

bottles [wall decor] in shades of green-- I'm thinking of recreating this with a series of photos printed on thick canvases or boards and arranged in a grid

Recycled glass bottle wall for the back wall of the green house.

Earthship. I am ready to design and live in one of these. So beautiful! Love the recycled materials and sculptural beauty.

Instead of throwing those glass bottles away, many folks have wondered how to recycle and build with these ubiquitous items. :: a glass bottled wall! This photo show walls being constructed on a build in New Mexico by Mike Reynolds at one of his “earthships”.