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  • Vicki H.

    Giggled a little - not really, I laughed my butt off!

  • Lynn Decker

    TOO funny! (no TO funny!) [it's the grammar nazi in me lol]

  • Kristi Peters

    Every time someone types "to funny," I immediately picture them, fist in the air, going on a quest to find funny. | Confession Ecard |

  • Juliana Jenkins Gaciarek

    "To funny," a quest to find funny. Grammar humor!

  • Haylee Kastl

    Hahaha! I laughed out loud. That's funny stuff!

  • Abbey Withrow

    TOO funny! (no TO funny!) This makes me laugh!

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bahaha - I would kill him, but this is so funny!!!!

Why do stupid things like this make me laugh so!? haha

I've never come across this in life, but that's probably how I would feel about it.

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means #affordablecareact #obamacare

The Big Bang Theory

Ok, seriously H, i laughed at this out loud harder than any pin I've done so far….I fear i'm done for.

This might happen on my lunch break today.