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Drums Around The World from The Music Interactive. Interactive map that allows to to see and hear drums from different cultures

Great ideas for parents, classroom teachers, or music teachers to teach music to small children (mostly preschool/early elementary). There's ideas for musical games, projects (like making their own instruments), experiments, and suggestions for great kids' music albums (musical audiobooks, classical, Bible songs, etc.). Awesome resource!

History (C1 W14, W15, W16, W17) Geography: S. America, Mesoamerica, Africa, S. Asia Interactive Map of Rainforests and Jungles. Click on the areas and more information will pull up. Real pictures of each area, also.

Lunch with the Composers is a great way to introduce your kids to classical music. The posts go up on Sunday afternoon - each week there is a new piece of music and information about the composer with a video link included.