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I guess I am just an old romantic at heart...but this has to put a smile on every heart that reads it!

would get a tat like this with the quote.. "there's no greater distance than the eighteen inches from your head to your heart."

Forever in My Heart ♥ That's were you will always be ♥ I am still finding it hard to believe that you have gone, I got so much pain bottled up

Remembering Will and sending hugs to his parents. Sending love to my Adam I know you are always and forever with me ♡

Love You eternal thanks to the poster of this pin. It touched me so very deeply. Thank you so much...

I think this also happens in a positive way when you meet people. They make such an impact that stays with you forever.

♡ You will forever live in my heart Mom. I love and miss you with each breath I take, xox 15th February 2015♡

Always and forever. I cant believe its been almost a year. not a day goes by that i dont think of you T. Love u and miss u so much!

Miss my Mom every day :( Love you forever ♥ Always in my heart ♥

3 years since I held you in my arms...forever in my heart...miss you everyday xoxo

The memories will remain forever in my heart. ♥