Angel In Heaven

To all my angels in heaven

Angels in heaven....

Heaven's Little Angel

I miss you Bubba!! <3

Angel in Heaven

For my little angel. See you in heaven, my sweet girl.

angel babies

Some of us give birth to angels.

Some only dream of angels....

My angel

My angel baby

Angel Baby

my baby boy in heaven is angel

Angel Baby


Mom of an Angel

Angel Mom Quote

Mother of an Angel

Angel watches over me

My Angel Up in Heaven My angel up in heaven, I wanted you to know, I feel you watching over me, everywhere I go. I wish you were here with me, but that can never be, Memories of you in my heart, that only I can see. My angel up in heaven, I hope you understand, That I would give anything, if I could hold your hand. I'd hold you oh so tightly, and never let you go, And all the love inside of me, to you I would show. My angel up in heaven, for now we are apart, You'll always...