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I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I stop missing you.

Kaylee.. mommy loves you so much. I miss you. I pray to God everyday to bring you back to me. Please watch over your brother daddy and mommy. Mommy hasnt been feeling to good lately.. i feel so selfish being alive when you cant be here anymore. I love you so much.

For my little angel. See you in heaven, my sweet girl.

Missing You....if i ever get a tatoo i think i would want something close to this...

I know I will find you there on the other side of the sunrise. Miss you so much Mom and Dad♥♥

Little Girl in Heaven. We love you.

You dont have a walking buddy? Yes you do. You have Jesus.

Balloons to Heaven to celebrate your Birthday & Blowing Kisses to my Angel Baby Girl today.

Walking with Jesus Daily:-) Thank you Jesus for Loving us with your grace!