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    Working With Roosters: Reasons & Solutions For Aggression Toward People

    Determining Sex in Chicks by Don Schrider from the June/July, 2011 issue of Backyard Poultry - Backyard Poultry Magazine

    Dealing with roosters (training them to not be aggressive toward humans)

    Using Sand in the Coop - It stays where you put it, keeps the water dishes clean, provides manicures for your chickens... Need more reasons to choose sand? Check out this article! | The 104 Homestead

    CHICKENS !!! Man its HOT HOT HOT outside!!!! Tilly's Nest: Heat Stress Spa treatment. I take a shallow disposable pan, fill it with ice water and then sprinkle in some fresh herbs. The fresh herb make this absolutely irresistible. The girls enjoy standing in it. Drinking from it and sampling cool refreshing treats. I know that it is a welcomed guest in the run on hot days like this.

    The rooster gets into position, which resembles a piggy-back ride, standing on her back, holding her neck feathers with his beak and steadying himself...

    Sometimes arooster can turn ornery, and the best way to tame its temper will depend on your comfort level and family safety requirements. Photo by Rachael Brugger (

    Fun Facts About Chickens | ahealthylifeforme...

    Chicken tractor gap solution..

    VEG Design Solutions, Part II: The Magical Chicken Tunnel Permaculture Forums, Permaculture Courses, Permaculture Information & News

    8 Things *NOT* to do in the winter! ~Cold weather chickens

    Four Reasons to Get a Duck: Raising ducks in your backyard can benefit you a lot more than you might think. | From Organic Gardening

    I need to think about this when our new chicks graduate to the big girl's coop. Introducing New Chickens to a Flock: curbing aggression

    Serama Bantam Rooster-- he is SO handsome!

    Amish Whitewashing: Mixing whitewash to paint the inside of the chicken coop. It's non-toxic, and kills bacteria & insects. It's not a paint, it's a water, salt, & hydrated lime solution that you apply yearly.

    A lot of people didn't know that chickens can and like to swim

    Sexing techinque, can it really be this easy??

    Raising Chickens: Advice

    Blue Andalusian Rooster. Isn't he a handsome fellow? Even without all of his sickle tail feathers developed yet.

    Finally - a solution for allowing chickens to graze without totally destroying the yard. DIY chicken salad bar!