Working With Roosters: Reasons & Solutions For Aggression Toward People

Dealing with roosters (training them to not be aggressive toward humans)

Sometimes arooster can turn ornery, and the best way to tame its temper will depend on your comfort level and family safety requirements. Photo by Rachael Brugger (

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Tilly's Nest: Reasons for Missing Feathers in Backyard Chickens

Keeping a rooster with your flock of hens is beneficial but must be done carefully. Here’s how to introduce a rooster to your poultry flock. #chickens #farm #eggs #rooster #garden

Finally - a solution for allowing chickens to graze without totally destroying the yard. DIY chicken salad bar!

Using Sand in the Coop - It stays where you put it, keeps the water dishes clean, provides manicures for your chickens... Need more reasons to choose sand? Check out this article! | The 104 Homestead

Dancing in the daffodils...all that yellow and red!

'Holistic Trinity' of healthy chickens: Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Diatomaceous Earth

chicken coop freshness in five easy steps. There's no reason to hold your nose in the chicken coop!

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Keeping a Flock ofJersey Buff Turkeys .... few people keeping flocks of heritage turkeys, most seem to either just buy a few poults to raise for harvesting in the fall or are larger scale breeders. There is scant information on keeping and breeding these birds on a homestead scale.

Removing Rooster Spurs Tutorial with a youtube video with Raising chickens on the homestead.

Chickens are a joy to keep for many reasons. If you can, just do it!

An old fashioned solution for what to do when your hens get old and stop laying. Suck it up, girlie.

BEST chicken site ever! Great info on raising chickens (and other animals) in your own backyard. In case I ever decide to go there....

Amish Whitewashing: Mixing whitewash to paint the inside of the chicken coop. It's non-toxic, and kills bacteria & insects. It's not a paint, it's a water, salt, & hydrated lime solution that you apply yearly.

Golden Laced Wyandotte