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  • Lisa Warren *SCORPIOCHICK*

    #RobertDowneyJr. #celebrities #actors #actresses

  • Janice InWonderland

    Robert Downey Jr. I love this man! I just wish he knew we were married!

  • Destini Ingoldsby

    Comedy & Action movie star Robert Downey Jr. Named one of Hollywood's sexiest male actors! Hey movie lovers... would you like to share your reviews of movies and create a residual income from home? If you want more info, click the image NOW!

  • ey ware

    Robert Downey Jr. / Dark brown eyes, yellow blond hair

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Robert Downey Jr is the Cheshire Cat. The reason why I picked him is because of the way he looks and his acting. He looks serious, but he is actually very fun and weird. I also know that he is capable of acting weird and crazy. He is also a great actor all around, so I know he would be great in this play.

Anthony Hopkins. Zorro. Sexy category w/ Sam Elliott and Sean Connery.

mr downey jr - if you dont find him attractive there is something very wrong with you

Favorite Male Actor: Liam Neeson

Wouldn't trade places with him just whoever his girlfriend is at the time. Yum!

Eddie Murphy by MARK SELIGER, actor, male, comedian, funny, sexy, photography, surprise, cool, celeb, famous