Wal-mart....Is he tryin to bring sexy back? O-o

People Of Wal Mart

Definitely WalMart worthy...

See through, and look what you SEE

Wal Mart

Lost his pants in a card game the night before and is on his way to Walmart to pickup another pair of pants...does Walmart also do haircuts?

OMG!!! This one SHOULD be at Wal-mart!

Walmart people

Meanwhile at Wal-Mart....

People shopping in Wal-Mart

Booty shorts were definitely a good call. They accentuate all the right places.

people of wal mart

She needs an extra pair of pants for the second one...

People of Walmart


You never know what you're going to see at a WalMart!

Regular people push their babies in strollers, Walmart people push their cats in strollers

On her way to Wal-Mart

People Of Wal Mart - 34 Pics Good.