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Dad and Mom,  Missing you more with each passing day... Till we meet again Love you forever...

Before it was identified that Chris was Dyslex he was very sad. He did not like when they had reading lessons in class and was worried that the teacher would pick him out to read therefore he would play up and disrupt the class.

Lovely hearts

Heart + Clothespin === I'd more likely do this to tie a bunch of different hearts together, random like a clothesline. Everybody's heart is unique, after all.

A great end to a great day enjoying the colours of Autumn.   twitter.com/Gking_photo www.facebook.com/pages/My-visions-Photography-by-Gary-Kin...

The leaves of fall are filling my yard. I love the fall smells of burning leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin flavored coffee. The snug feeling of my favorite fleece. I love the fall.

colored leaves

When I was a kid and had to rake leaves, we didn't have large leaf bags to put them into. We piled them into bushel baskets just like this one.