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    Propaganda in war – Album photos

  • Julie F

    'Switch off that Light! Less Light - More Planes' From a series issued by the Ministry of Fuel and Power to help the war effort 1939-45 Museum no. E.134-1973 Poster encouraging people to turn off their lights to help the war effort. Image of a light switch in the on position with a banner over saying 'Switch off that light!'. This poster can be found in Print Room Box 8. 'Switch off that Light! Less Light - More Planes', 1939-45. Museum no. E.134-1973

  • Ouissi @ The Old Fashioned Mama

    Switch off that Light!: Second World War Poster

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Paper - Metal - Bones ~ Recycling before it was "cool". Because it was right, so we could win against the Axis powers.

WWII Propaganda Poster by The National WWII Museum, via Flickr

Whitcomb, Jon (artist); United States. Public Health Service (sponsor); United States. Federal Security Agency (sponsor)