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    Chateau Notenboom II This beautifull mansion was the home for a german couple who fled Germany during the war. They lived in peace in Belgium and after the war the returned to their home in Germany and left this mansion behind. Since then nature is slowly claiming it back.

    A Different View ~ Chateau Notenboom I ~ Home For A German Couple Who Fled Germany During The War. They Lived In Belgium In Peace & After The War, Returned To Their Home In Germany, Leaving This Mansion Behind.

    Haunted Abandonment

    Chateau de Noisy, Belgium: Originally named Chateau Miranda, this abandoned mansion was reportedly designed in 1866 by an English architect and resembles the setting of a gothic horror film.  Once the grand residence of an affluent family, Chateau de Noisy was allegedly occupied by the Nazis during World War Two before becoming an orphanage.  The castle has been abandoned since 1991 with little apparent will to restore it.

    & one day they just up and left

    abandoned chateau

    Incredible abandoned house in Pennsylvania. Built in 1870, it's sat empty for decades. Who lived here? The Addams Family? LOVE!

    Abandoned. Why do people abandon such beautiful things. I would kill to live in that house

    Savannah, Georgia. The Hermitage - Remains of one of the Most Famous Antebellum Plantations in the South.

    A beautiful brick Victorian in Brush Park, Detroit. I *love* this little house. The pattern on the roof tiles, the bay windows, everything.


    witch place

    Top 10 Abandoned, Amazing and Unusual Old Homes

    Abandoned Castle

    Bloso Outdoor is an outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village Hofstade. This area is famous for it's many abandoned buildings & structures.

    This beauty was once the home of a German couple who fled to Belgium to escape WW2. When the war was over, they returned to Germany, abandoning this mansion to become what it is today. Such a waste!

    Amazing staircase of an abandoned manor house in Europe. Can't imagine what the rest of the home must have looked like if the stairs are this amazing!

    UE Abandoned College "X"

    Abandoned Chateau

    The chapel of an abandoned 18th century castle in Belgium, decorated in Neo-gothic style. Photo by Eluna Side, via Flickr #Abandoned #photography #abandonedplaces #abandon #decay

    Chateau Bijou, nestled in the South of France, inspired by the palazzos of Italy. in Labastide-Villefranche. Fractured fairytale.