Chateau Notenboom II This beautifull mansion was the home for a german couple who fled Germany during the war. They lived in peace in Belgium and after the war the returned to their home in Germany and left this mansion behind. Since then nature is slowly claiming it back.

witch place

Chateau Bijou, nestled in the South of France, inspired by the palazzos of Italy. in Labastide-Villefranche. Fractured fairytale.

A Different View ~ Chateau Notenboom I ~ Home For A German Couple Who Fled Germany During The War. They Lived In Belgium In Peace & After The War, Returned To Their Home In Germany, Leaving This Mansion Behind.

Lord have Mercy what a gorgeous home...left abandoned...when so many want homes

Haunted chateau...

Grand Old Philadelphia Building - Abandoned

abandoned chateau

Old and abandoned;

UE Abandoned College "X"

The abandoned Château de la Forêt or Castle Moulbaix, Moulbaix, Arrondissement of Ath, Belgium.

Incredible abandoned villa in Brasschaat,Belgium. Film location for a new Tim Burton movie. This is right around my corner!

Incredible abandoned chateau in France.

YAY!!!! NOTENBOOM again.....Abandoned mansion

Abandoned Chateau

Abandoned Homes Chateau de Noisy Belgim

abandoned chateau

yeh yeh....could soooo live in gorey meets byzantine goth.rural america

Abandoned Mansion, Beirut by craigfinlay, via Flickr. Read the story and see more photos of the belongings left behind. The Prime Minister of Lebanon used to live here and probably abandoned it it during their Civil War - maybe1980.

Coudersport, PA...Dempster Lane

Fremont, Ohio Second Empire