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  • David Thomas

    Corgi Puppy. Bath time?

  • Nicole Neitenbach

    The only small dogs I can stand, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • Maria Garibay

    Hadley Here...We dogs actually like to wallow around in grass and other obscene stuff. Bath time is really a downer because we're by nature, dirty animals. All we ask is that you be careful around our eyes when you're lathering the shampoo. Our eyes sting to high heaven. Bark Happy! Love, Hadley Jane.

  • Kari Ceo-Grulke

    pembroke welsh corgi. I love his ears

  • Daisy

    pembroke welsh corgi- this is one of the cutest dogs ive ever seen

  • Courtney Estelle

    Bath time with Happy Pet Playtime!!grooming/citr #corgi #happypetplaytime

  • LeeAnn Russo Vigeant

    pembroke welsh corgi ... my favorite little dog :)

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