• Hey Bye

    Easter Ecards, Free Easter Cards, Funny Easter Greeting Cards at someecards.com

  • Michele Berman

    absolutely gross but I'm crying laughing...

  • Laura Santeler

    funny E card ( I think )

  • L.a. Presas

    I'm so sorry if this offends, but I just laughed my ass off for like 5 minutes. I'm sick, I know. LMAO!!!!

  • Maggie Miller

    probably the most inappropriate (and funny!) thing I've ever seen on Pinterest!

  • Caitlin Hartung

    Happy Easter! This made me laugh so hard... it's so wrong though!

  • Candy Johnson

    why is this funny? I can't stop laughing. seriously, crying its so funny!

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This is fantastic.----I just had to post this, I enjoyed the laugh so much

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