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  • Taylor Huntington

    I plan to teach older kids, but I am doing my field experience in a Kindergarten classroom and thought this idea was absolutely brilliant! It's a phone that students can go tattle on their friends with so that they stop using class time to tell on their friends to the teacher.

  • Pamela LaCombe

    love this! kids might like it as much as a tattle monster!

  • Kendall Gwin

    Tattle Phone. So smart! Stops kids from tattling to the teacher all day, everyday.

  • Ashton Sprouse

    Tattle Telephone! K-1 Teaching Besties: Tour Katie's Kindergarten Classroom

  • Linda Burnette

    Love this idea! Classroom Management: Tattle Telephone- this is where the kids "leave me a message" and tattle on kids.

  • Katherine A. Huber

    Tattle Telephone for kids to leave the teacher a message when tattling - awesome & hysterical

  • Korine Viehweg

    For all my teacher family & friends!! -Tattle Telephone & more classroom ideas.

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Finally found a way to explain this to my kids! It's a GREAT help! This is so funny,I was just talking to my sister about this today!

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I would like to frame this and give it to my team members as a back to school gift. :-) Good Idea, Teaching Sisters.

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Cute for young kids...maybe sell individual prints. Not sure one large would go for enough.!

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Tattle Monster Poem. I like the idea of having a binder for kids to write their tattles in. I can read it after school, and take action if necessary (or at least be more in tune with the social going ons)

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