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i'm not crazy... other people like pretty plates on walls.

What a great use for similar tone platters and plates...better than collecting dust in your sideboard

hand painted plates by natalie lete

Love the bird stencil and chicken wire on this cabinet - would look perfect on my lil' cabin pantry

good reminder that displays of inexpensive/easy diy items can make lovely focal areas

I love how organically these are hung and I especially love that they go so low!

love repurposing an old tv into something new- I think I would bust out the screen and make a kitty bed :)

Cute vinyl idea for the walls! Ours will be probably be a little simpler so as not to add to the clutter (it's a small bedroom) and will be against soft aqua blue walls.

Janet de Botton's home as seen in Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People