never too old


This makes me smile - so precious. :-)

Love endures

Holding hands till we grow old together


The previous pinene said relationship goals and that's the perfect caption. I want this type of relationship.

In China, Wu Congham 101-year-old and his wife 103-year-old, married for 88 years. And they wore the wedding dress for the first time.

I would love to grow old like this.....

So incredibly sweet! Still in love.

beautiful | kiss | husband and wife | years of marriage | black & white | kissing | love -NOW THIS IS TRUE LOVE, GROWING OLD 2GETHER ...

"This is why you marry your bestfriend."

{Elderly couple, Paris} “This is true love. Do you think this happens every day?” ~ The Princess Bride

Awe this reminds me of how my mom and dad used to be! This is so cute!


I want to be this in love when I'm this old! <3

Lets grow old together

Children brought up with respect and compassion for the infirmed and aged are a blessing!

Sooo precious.

Love has no age

True love