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supernatural castiel funny | funny-Supernatural-mother-sounding-joke

Dementors do not scare Team Free Will.

Rising Son cover Sam, Dean, and popa winchester

Supernatural!>>> ok how many shows can say that they had an episode like this???

Agents Spears And Aguilera - Just one of the many reasons I love Supernatural!

love this cast. its gonna be heartbreaking when they have to split when the show ends. though im praying it never does.

Supernatural, I swear I've sold my soul to this cast, can they be any more perfect. #supernaturalcast

Aside from the subtle Twilight reference, did anyone else notice the CWs announcement for The Vampire Diaries in the corner??? I found that extremely funny! lol #Supernatural

Samifer. So fierce! - There is literally no logical reason NOT to re-pin this.

8x08 Hunteri Heroici [gifset] - "we'll have a slumber party. Braid Sam's hair." Supernatural ♥ .

Supernatural :) I haven't watched the show in a long time, and I feel like I have abandoned a friend :'(

And Jensen and Jared are clearly flawless. That's what happens when you cast two Texas boys in one show!