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Supernatural fandom at it again... I know I've pinned this before, but I just can't stop laughing

It's a skill we acquire when watching the show.

Cas, Dean, and Sam on a show. It would be one heck of a show.

Previously on Supernatural... Dean: "I know where to get one." Sam: "really?" Dean: "yeah, call Sher-" Sam: "enough with the 'Sherlocks is a dragon' joke, it's getting old." Dean: "how old?" Sam: "time lord old." Dean: *smiles*

Supernatural, I swear I've sold my soul to this cast, can they be any more perfect. #supernaturalcast

Supernatural - I've officially added "assbutt" to my vocabulary and have been using it as an insult.

Every time I think I'm done laughing, I start again. I love Supernatural.

(gif set) Dean + Lucifer Theory ||| Supernatural 5x04 "The End", 5x13 "The Song Remains the Same", and 9x11 "First Born". OH MY CHUCK! HEADCANON ACCEPTED!

I've pinned this like three times now but it seriously is one of the funniest quotes ever xD xD xD

A lot of Supernatural quotes. I love how, "I lost my shoe," is really easy to spot. Lol

His face froze that way…

Supernatural - At first we are Kevin and then we become Dean. It's okay Kevin, none of us were either.