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  • Rob

    They have a GIF for the Harry Potter spin-off: | Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything. I'm not really a SPN fan, but I do appreciate their gifs.

  • Jordan .

    "Aight who the fuck sold their soul for the Harry Potter spin off?" "I was drunk. It was Comic-Con."

  • Molly Mortensen

    Harry Potter Spinoff Supernatural Gif

  • Katella Stegmann

    The Supernatural fandom knows exactly how to properly use gifs -- for everything. Everyone thank Charlie for selling her soul at Comic Con to get us a Harry Potter spinoff.

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I'm not even in the fandom (yet) and I know! <--- of course!

You know, I'd seen this before and thought it was hilarious. Thanks, once again, fandom, for ruining even that. *sigh*

I don't even know what Jared's tweet was, but Tumblr is ready.

The need to apologize: | 33 Things You'll Only Understand If You're In Fandom

Hahahaha. Why Sam's soul got left behind. Supernatural ♥ .

We are the supernatural fandom. You can run, you can hide, but our gifs will always find you.

This test was a piece of cake. Supernatural Sam Winchester doing CSI Miami Lt. Horatio Caine. This episode was awesome.

It's a skill we acquire when watching the show.

What episode was this? I don't remember this happening at all so I think I managed to somehow miss an episode or at least this part of an episode. If you know what it's called PLZ let me know.

Ha! He failed his TARDIS test. I suddenly feel less bad about failing the driving test the first time...

The Power of Fiction…(gif) ~ i love how the actions are all so accurate to the characters. Dean gives a kiss, Sherlock tries to comfort awkwardly, Harry is that sweet guy friend.