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I know a chocolate bar that did that to me too several times he he ha! ~~The forwardness of chocolate bars these days.I have absolutely no restraint.

Ain't that the truth!?

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16 Reasons The Best Place For An Ego Boost Is The Women's Restroom

16 Reasons The Best Place For An Ego Boost Is The Women's Restroom

Don't try to tell me that hungry is not an emotion because I feel tht shit in my soul.

Don't try to tell me hunger isn't an emotion, because I feel that shit in my soul. (That's why we call it the hanger).

I thought like this from time to time! Lol

Lol I feel like this a lot. Being an adult is the dumbest thing I've ever done.

Making this for my bathroom next house!

But mine should say curling iron. And the oven! Turn Off Your Straightener Door Mat / Area Rug Funny Door Mat, Clever Door Mat

all the time....and if that doesn't work I turn it off hoping it'll all be fixed when I turn it back on :D

Funny pictures about Frozen computer. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen computer. Also, Frozen computer.

 OMG! THIS IS SO ME! If I was pulled ver and asked to say the alphabet backwards I would have to say hold on let me sing the song first so I know all of them forward first.

i'm pretty happy with my life choices but i do both of these things lol.