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Connect the Dots is a project of and partner organizations, to shine a spotlight on the connections between extreme weather and climate change. We’ll kick off the project with Climate Impacts Day on 5/5/12, when thousands of communities around the world come together to take action to Connect the Dots and call for urgent action to stop the climate crisis.

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The plastic water bottle effect

This shows the plastic water bottle effect. this shows how much of an effect water bottles can have on the economy and how much better it is to use reusable bottles. it also points out how 1 out of 6 bottles are recycled properly.

Amazing Facts About Earth (Infographic)

Infographic: The politics of climate change. This infographic highlights the positions of key countries and political blocs on climate change measures before the upcoming COP18 climate negotiations in Qatar. Where does your country stand? Infographic by Ben Willers and Sophie Sportiche, via Al Jazeera

How Climate Change is impacting the world- from infectious disease to natural disaster being floods to rising sea level. We need a Global Green Police Force... Does anyone know- is there one?

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INFOGRAPHIC: Could we end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050?

INFOGRAPHIC: Could we end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050? | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Inhabitatfrom Inhabitat

LearnStuff's Infographic Explains How Climate Change is Destroying the Earth

Climate Change Infographic. How #ClimateChange is Destroying the Earth. #thisearthofours #environment #globalwarming original source no longer there - change #greenhouseeffect #extinctions #oceans #scienceinfographics

An infographic looking at how plastic bags are harming our environment and how we can help to reduce their effects.

CO2 Air Pollution Is CLEARLY visible from SPACE!!

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Map: These are the cities that climate change will hit first

A city hits "climate departure" when the average temperature of its coolest year from then on is projected to be warmer than the average temperature of its hottest year between 1960 and 2005. The cities marked by dark red dots are projected to hit climate departure really, really soon. Bad news: Many of these are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

carbon footprint, climate change, nations, international climate change, carbon, greenhouse gas, carbon emissions

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Why Are People Eating Their Own Trash?

Oceans of Garbage #infographic