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Art Nouveau Artists- Lalique Jewelry, Necklace

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Stunning opal scarab makes me want to work with both - the stone and the beetle!

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Arts & Crafts 14kt Gold and Faience Scarab Necklace, F.G. Hale

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Scarab Pendant

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Egyptian Scarab

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For the love of antiquities, royalty, and Egypt! Pull off a Cleopatra moment - or just blend with a flowy dress from Calypso or uber slinky piece from Donna Karan...pendant, gold and stones/paste, Egyptian by Atelier Sol on Flickr.

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A long time ago, I was really into Egyptian stuff. Now I still am, AND in a band called "Ankh". So I need this... ;-)

Etsyfrom Etsy

RESERVED LISTING - FIRST Payment - Egyptian Goddess - Gemstone Statement Collar Necklace Bead Embroidered, Egyptian Scarab Necklace

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Egyptian Goddess - CUSTOM ORDER - 1.Payment - Gold Plate and Gemstone Statement Collar Necklace, Bead Embroidered, Egyptian Scarab Necklace. $300.00, via Etsy.

Gemstone Egyptian

Egyptian Scarab

Egyptian Necklace

Egyptian Collar

Egyptian Goddess

Goddess Scarab

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Mayan Necklace

Egyptian Goddess - RESERVED LISTING Gold Plate and Gemstone Statement Collar Necklace, Bead Embroidered, Egyptian Scarab Bib Necklace. 750.00, via Etsy.

Egyptianrevival Scarab

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Amethyst S

Necklace Woooow

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graveyarddirt: Vintage Egyptian Revival Scarab Pendant, via Ebay A fantastic studio piece crafted from solid silver. The pendant is of a wi...

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Hattie Carnegie Egyptian Revival Enamel Scarab Necklace

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Vintage Brass

Vintage Brass Egyptian Scarab Calcite. The scarab symbolises renewal, transformation, creation.

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national geographic october 1963

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1920s Egyptian revival scarab beetle necklace

Etsyfrom Etsy

Egyptian Scarab - beaded Collar necklace

Egyptian Beaded

Egyptian Scarab

Diy Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptian Necklace Bead

Beaded Statement Necklace

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Egyptian Scarab beaded Collar necklace by LuxVivensFashion

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Etsy Transaction - Egyptian Goddess - RESERVED LISTING Gold Plate and Gemstone Statement Collar Necklace, Bead Embroidered, Egyptian Scarab Bib Necklace

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Horus Falcon

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Egyptian Scarab Necklace and Earring Set - CUSTOM ORDER - More Delicate Version of the Original Scarab Necklace

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Circa 5Th

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A NECKLACE OF ETRUSCAN SCARABS CIRCA 5TH CENTURY B.C. All mounted in a Victorian gold necklace, in the a globolo style.