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Insert picture of face, stuff with wig/hair=head in a bottle

Resize the image to about the height of the jar. Cut out the head pretty closely. Put the cut out head in the jar. Get a black plastic bag and wrinkle it up and stick in in the jar behind the cut out head. It’ll act as “hair.

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16 Maneras de espantar a tu novio este Halloween

i wanna throw one of these off like a bridge with road underneath and add some fake blood to it, yes I want to do this Probably unfortunate, but I do find this funny.

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This Halloween sheet cake is made with grave intentions. Just kidding! The key to this mini-cemetery: tombstones fashioned from Pepperidge Farm's Milano and Bordeaux cookies.

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IT's Pennywise the scary clown porch! Hell Mouth cut from MDF board and & painted! Tongue is a strip of rug.

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14 Ideas para convertir tu casa… ¡En una casa del terror!

Mason jar, water, red food coloring, bag of zombie eyeballs from dollar store.halloween decoration, scary eyes in a jar and a red glow stick for.


Artistic and detailed Dia De Los Muertos make-up with red crystal accents by Tena Bašić Makeup Artist. Like the teeth and rich eye makeup.

102 Wicked Things To Do

102 Wicked Things To Do:You don't even need labels you can just put rubber bugs and stuff in them with water and food colors. Hand sanitizer from dollar store is also good and it suspends things somewhat better and looks all slimy.

Demonic cupcakes! Maybe hide one among the normal cupcakes?

Vicious Cupcake No 17 Summer Solstice OoaK Sculpture. there is a whole shop of these, called "vicious cupcakes" – so funny.