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    How to plant lemon seeds - step-by-step guide. your house will smell amazing. Doing this!

    Seashells instead of mulch, I do this in all my house plants. Use to keep the kittys out of the pots and the plants loved what ever came for the beach in the shells.

    If I still lived in Florida, I would have Frangipani trees all over my yard.

    SunHosta. A hosta that can take the heat of Florida and is drought tolerant.

    Plants made for Florida weather that will stay alive and grow!

    Cool site all about gardening and landscaping in Florida. Lets you search for plants and flowers native to Florida or plants that will thrive here with little care. Great help to me since I am trying to get my yard under control and I have no clue what I am doing.

    Florida Gardening Calendar - this is perfect! Ever since I've moved to florida, I have been at a loss with figuring out the growing seasons

    Top Florida Plants Whether you're a Florida native or a new resident, finding the best plants to grow in your yard can be a pleasure in this subtropical state.

    Top 20 Drought Tolerant Plants. These are Florida Friendly Favorites available at your Florida Home Depot Garden Center in the season they are in bloom.

    To keep container-grown rosemary healthy, a once-a-year root and stem pruning is called for.

    Creeping Sedum - fast-spreading, drought tolerant and easy to keep in check. It grows in the hot, full sun or in the shade. It doesn't seem to have any special soil requirements. In June, it's covered with tiny yellow flowers.

    Boxwood and ivy

    Love this, no more having to mow against a fence. And with the stone edging being dug into the ground, you can mow right over it; easy.

    Cabbage roses

    Nice DIY firepit project.

    'String of Pearls' - Ground cover, succulent. Makes a good house plant in hanging basket

    Adding pavers around a standard concrete walkway can give your entrance a little panache.

    How to edge flowerbeds like a pro

    Peony Sorbet...helps to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your habitat...

    Plant lemon seeds...lemon leaves smell so good

    This Old House:: How to "Sandwich" Bulbs for Six Weeks of Blooms ! Follow this container recipe for continuous spring color !

    41 Groundcovers to Know & Use

    white picket fencing with Snowball Bush Viburnum

    Beautiful Flower Bogainvillea

    Solar lights in your yard not as bright as they used to be? Clear finger nail polish to attract the light is the answer. However, read the blog post for all instructions. blog post