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Sarah Elizabeth McCoy "Little Sally" Hatfield (1881 - 1881) - Find A Grave Photos Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Elizabeth also known as "the baby with no last name

Sarah Elizabeth McCoy "Little Sally" Hatfield (1881 - 1881) - Find A Grave Photos

hatfields and mccoys three part series--also very good!!

The Heneage Jewel [locket] - also called 'The Armada Jewel', 1595 ~ painting by Nicholas Hilliard. "Elizabeth I gave elaborate jewels bearing her image as a reward for outstanding services. She is said to have given this jewel to Sir Thomas Heneage, a Privy Counsellor and the Vice-Chamberlain of the Royal Household. The front of the pendant has a portrait of the queen, inscribed in Latin ‘Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland’ " from the Victoria & Albert Museum

Roseanna McCoy who fell in love with Johnse Hatfield. wow,,,,,we know what happens next......

Randall McCoy

History Channel airs famous Hatfield and McCoy feud Monday night: here's the real story. Photo: Roseanne McCoy W. Va. archives.

Nancy McCoy Hatfield Phillips

Nancy L McCoy Hatfield Phillips and Frank Phillips. She was the daughter of Asa Harmon McCoy, the first McCoy killed by the Hatfield gang. After the Hatfields killed her brother Jeff she divorced Johnse Hatfield and married KY lawman Frank Phillips. Frank led the posse that arrested 9 and killed 2 of the Hatfield gang.

One of the most feared of all London's street gangs in the late 1880's was a group of female toughs known as the Clockwork Oranges. They would later inspire Anthony Burgess' most notorious novel.

Martha (Cline) Mccoy, Widow of Asa Harmon Mccoy

Mary Todd Lincoln with the ‘ghost’ of her late husband. Deeply invested in the occult for most of her life, Mary became consumed with contacting Abraham Lincoln after his untimely assassination in 1865. She was constantly holding seances in an attempt to find her husband and in 1869- or thereabouts, as the date is not entirely known- she met William H. Mumler, a well-known ‘spirit photographer’.

McCoy Family part of my family....

Ellison Hatfield, brother of Devil Anse Hatfield; Ellison was killed by Randolph McCoy's sons, which truly ignited the Hatfield & McCoy feud.

Hatfield and McCoy feud--Cap Hatfield at former hideout

Sarah McCoy- Randell McCoy Wife

Better known as "Squirrel Tooth Alice,” Mary Elizabeth "Libby" Haley Thompson was a popular "soiled dove” in the frontier cow towns of the American West, despite gap the in her teeth that earned her nickname.

Nancy McCoy Phillips =3 rd. Wife of Franklin(Bad Frank) Phillips(of the Hatfield /McCoy feud.