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Aequorea Carbon-free 3D printed oceanscaper by Vincent Callebaut

Futuristic oceanscapers are floating villages 3D-printed from algae and plastic waste

Aequorea is the newest futuristic architecture concept that was designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures to create a multi-use oceanscraper printed in from recycled materials

Conceito cilíndrico com aberturas irregulares. #Arquitetônico #Conceitual

Gran Mediterraneo French architect David Tajchman recently released a conceptual design for a skyscraper to be built in Tel Aviv, Israel. The sky scrapper would house everything that a small community.

isle for startups #coworking #startup #siliconvalley #california #freedom #work #utopia #dream seasteading.org #seacode #honduras

Der Traum von der Gesetzlosigkeit: Coworking in internationalen Gewässern

Floating libertarian countries in international waters - Aug 2011 - Andras Gyorfi/SeaSteading/REX

Aequorea: Amazing futuristic architecture concept by Vincent Callebaut #futuristicarchitecture

Aequorea: Amazing futuristic architecture concept by Vincent Callebaut #futuristicarchitecture

“The hO2+ scraper proposes to break free of the urban fabric and functions as self-sufficient ambassadors in the sea. The hO2+ scraper is an autonomous floating unit of livable, functional and self sustaining space which will function, in a collective manner, as a floating city.  It is self sufficient as it generates its own power through wave, wind, current, solar, bio etc. and it generates its own food through farming, aquaculture, hydroponics etc. It carries with its own small forest on…

The Water-Scraper Designed by Malaysian architect Sarly Adre bin Sarkum. The building would generate its own power using wave-power, solar energy and wind power, and has its own farms, including aquaculture and hydroponics farms.

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Multiplicity by John Wardle Architects 1 Seven Futuristic Cities That Could Define the World of Tomorrow

Urban Forrest, China

MAD Architects Call Their Project an "Urban Forest"

Urban Forest, Chongqing, China MAD architects' new project 'Urban Forest' is located in Chongqing, China. Urban Forest is a commercial high-rise building that takes the form of an urban mountain with over 70 floors, each one different and unique.

Wadala Tower India -

Wadala tower, Mumbai, India is the tallest mix-use tower in the world, designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International. This tower is situated in the heart of India.