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  • Nickelle Bartholomew

    that horrifying moment when your friends fat arm makes you look naked in the office party picture... so funny!

  • Zamirah Wynder

    things to post on facebook | funny stuff / hahaha this is hilarious! #awkward #moments on imgfave

  • Suellen Brett

    This is the moment you realize you must join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutra System, Physician's Weight Loss and buy a BowFlex.

  • Brittany Manuel

    It’s that awkward moment when your friend’s fat arm makes you look naked in the office party photo.

  • Elyse C.

    Optical Illusion and a half!! That awkward moment when your friend's fat arm makes you look naked

  • Username Password

    This Made Me Look Twice - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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I don't think the words are even necessary--the illustration makes the point.

I'm laughing a little too hard but omg too much information. Lol

I saw this in a lady's cart at Walmart last night and actually told her I thought she had a kid in her cart!!! Cuz Wyatt always rides in my basket! I seriously did a double take!!!

I remember this one where for some reason Bear Grylls was out surviving in the wild with Jake Gyllenhaal, and they had to scoot themselves a solid 1,000 feet on a tiny rope to get across this *massive* ravine, and I was just like, "POOR. CAMERA. MAN." -E

I wonder...Also makes me wonder sometimes, when they look at you, what they are thinking. But, then when we look at them, they could be thinking the same thing. :)

I remember that one time when I had Christmas lights on my car and was pulled over. He was jealous kuz I had all kinds o' colors flashing!

Robert Downey Jr. - Thumbs up !!!!

Sorry ombre lovers... Haha gonna have to agree with this.. Not many people can pull off the "ombre" look.

Ok, I would NEVER say this to another human being....but it made me laugh so hard :)

Should I shave my legs today

No actual harm. Just uncomfortable misery. Does that make me a bad person? Never mind. I don't care.