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  • Shana Kinney

    how-to: anthro knockoff teacup lamp

  • Sara Dalzell

    DIY Teapot Lamp tutorial - finally something I may be able to do with my overly-extensive tea set collection.

  • Marcia Webster

    tea cup, saucer, tea pot it!

  • Melinda

    By Your Hands: Trash to Treasure ---- Old Dishes

  • Christy Insley

    retropolitan blog: Anthropologie Knock Off Teacup | Teapot Lamp Tutorial

  • Viv Sanders

    Teacup abduction saucer lamp stand - what a cool idea.

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I almost missed the yellow finial on top. I would not want this 100%, but I like the stacking technique!

diy globe lamp (apparently you take a vintage illuminated globe and peel off the map? directions are in swedish.)

Beaded applique tutorial (Anthropologie knock-off)

This is DIY waiting to happen! It can totally be done for less than the $198 that Anthropologie is charging. DIYer at Retropolitan did it for $50: When it was all said and done, I ended up spending $10 for the lamp kit, $10 for the drill bit, $4 on epoxy, $12 on dishes and $14 on the lamp shade!

Amazing Candlesticks! D.I.Y. Knock Off from the Trinket & Treasure Candlestick from Anthropologie.

Vintage Revivals: Anthropologie Knock Off Teapot Lamp. SO CUTE I WANT TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW

with a twist teacup / anthropologie

1. take a huge balloon, lots of doilies, and some wallpaper glue 2. blow up the balloon, and paint the glue onto the doilies so that they're soaked. 3. tie the balloon on a string. make sure all of the doilies are overlapping so that they stick 4. put on an extra coat of glue and let it dry for at least 24 hours. pop the balloon and you're ready to go :)

Doing this ... I can't believe Anthro actually sold out of their $400 candlesticks, what insane person would pay that much?

fabric mod podge mirror: Anthropologie knockoff; step by step tutorial

pilates ball, twine, plastic wrap, wallpaper paste - voila!