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cat pillow

Bunny Raspberry Vampire :) Watch the entirety of the precious massacre (complete with cute smacking noises)

Artists are putting a creative twist on Stormtrooper helmets in new exhibit "Legion."

"There are two kinds of people."

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Doctor Whooves Plush Doll

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this guy. best picture ever

you know what this baby is thinking? #mydadsucks

You think you've soaked in all of the awkwardness...and then you realize she has a goat on her lap.

somebody I know with a kid PLEASE do this for halloween! You'd be my hero forever.

twin newborn photography

Skateboarding Hedgehog

The REAL Iron Man


Dont Worry Be Happy Jandels

The real starbucks logo


so funny

I want an exhusband purse!!

PRICELESS: An East German Bank Is Now Offering A Karl Marx Credit Card

The location of my cat: so true :-)

LOL #cats