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  • Amanda Pulliam

    Back Porch Fireplace, dream porch

  • Andrea Hedlund

    I doubt we'll do a big back porch since we now have such a lovely front porch, but if we do, I'd love to have an outdoor fireplace and fan. Nice touch.

  • Brittany Bedford

    back porch fireplace / cozy outdoors space

  • Debbie Cox

    Outdoor Porches With Fireplaces | Back Porch Fireplace, Charlottesville, Virginia | Sunsurfer

  • Angie Patton

    cozy porch fireplace

  • Linda Morris

    Back Porch Fireplace ~ love this cozy outdoor living space!

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Screened porch w/ check painted wood floor; Cottage Living mag

for the porch - not exactly my style, but the tea cart is a good idea, and they seem to be very available in cheap, vintage form

Outdoor Living - love these colours. Nicest place to hang out in the warm weather. But would need some shade for me!

.Got me thinking...We could collect a bunch of western/mexican blankets for people to use during meetings :P

Someday, when I'm an old professor, this is exactly what I imagine the view into my living room will look like.

cozy cozy. I'm loving the tree trunk as the post and the wooden floor. There better be some hot tea or hot chocolate in a cup nearby, huh, Lisa McDonald?

Providence Ltd Design - ProvidenceLtdDesign - Fabulous Outdoor Spaces

Nice touch with grass in the corner. I wanna have a glass of sweet tea on this porch!!!

southern wrap-around of my life goals is to end up somewhere that we can have this. So serene!

Porch Rules. Sweet Tea is an absolute must. Period. No questions asked. :)