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Eve Hietamies Tarhapäivä (Otava 2012) Yösyötön jatko-osa.

Eve Hietamies Yösyöttö (Otava 2011) Suosittelen kaikille pienten lasten vanhemmille.

David Nicholls, Kaikki peliin (Otava 2012). A more positive story from Nicholls. Really enjoyed reading it.

The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie. Pan Books, 1959. via Bonito Club

My Family and Other Animals is an autobiographical work by naturalist Gerald Durrell, telling of the part of his childhood he spent on the Greek island of Corfu between 1935 and 1939.

how to be a parisian

Breasted...A History of Egypt c.1929

Paradise Bound. The Poems of John Milton

Feuillets Glanés. Poésies inédites (1) From: FlickR, please visit

Cover of Shirley Hibberd's 'Familiar garden flowers' (1879-188-) Shirley Hibberd, Familiar garden flowers, London: Cassell, [1879 -188-], 3 vols. F. Edward Hulme worked on the illustrations in this book. Shirley Hibberd was a journalist and horticultural writer. The binding is beautifully ornate - embossed and gold plated cloth, with cut-out flowers in leather and silk. Each of the three volumes has a different flower in the cut-out panel.

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Kate Jacobs Pieni lankakauppa (The Friday Night Knitting Club) ...Had to read it, but wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

Vaimoni eroottinen potentiaali by David Foenkinos (Le potentiel érotique de ma femme). What a peculiar story this was.


ANU SILFVERBERG Äitikortti - kirjoituksia lisääntymisestä (Teos 2013). Read in January 2014. Cover art Satu Konttinen/ Satukala. This is one of the must-reads for parents.

Erlend Loe, Hiljaiset päivät Nigellan lumoissa (2011). Hilarious.

Nieminen, Veera Avioliittosimulaattori (Tammi 2013). Christmas-readings 2013. Funny and entertaining :)

Kinsella: Soitellaan, soitellaan! (I've got your number) Funny, but not the best by Kinsella. Enjoyed it anyhow :) (summer 2013)

Kari Hotakainen: Luonnon laki (Siltala Publishing 2013). Read in January 2014. Loved the story and of course the cover art by Elina Warsta.