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Kissing Koolers, wow! I had everyone of these.

Kissing Koolers

Do you remember this?

Somebody else has got to remember these!

Anyone remember drinking out of one of these? I do!

I loved these as a kid

Remember these shirts? 80's fashion

God's Eye. I remember doing this as a kid :)

Remember Bonkers?? The chocolate was SUPER nasty!!

Totally remember these!

Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies: This was totally my preemie doll!!

I remember this type of thermos!

Totally still have mine!

I remember these

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Screwball Scramble - I have been trying to remember the name of this game and I just found it on my nephew's Amazon wishlist! So much fun!

I remember

Cabbage Patch Kids pin ups- I remember playing with these, but don't think I owned one.

Remember these??!!