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    • Kim Hornsby - Author

      this photo depicts my bestselling novel, the Dream Jumper's Promise I LOVE this! I love art that takes known concepts and presents them in ways that intersect with other known concepts. (underwater, woman, swimming, room)

    • Joyce Chantell

      Art Such a cool picture. Makes me think about when they laugh in Mary Poppins and float to the ceiling. Follow CollegeGuyDesign if you like things like this showing up on your dash! 24121984: I used to dream about this when I was a kid. I wanted to be a mermaid, and whenever Id lay in bed, Id picture the house filling up with water and how Id use the space in a whole new way. mermaid

    • La Toya

      The best article I've read in a while. Just what I needed. Photographer Phoebe Rudomino | brilliant underwater fashion editorial | chandelier | bubbles | graceful | floating | breathe | aquatic | blues and green | wow | amazing photography | lounge room | underwater set |

    • Amy Hepworth

      Underwater room. One of my favorite dreams as a home filled with water. And I could breathe underwater. Makes me smile.

    • Mad Frequency

      Photographer Phoebe Rudomino | brilliant underwater fashion editorial | chandelier | bubbles | graceful | floating | breathe | aquatic | blues and green | wow | amazing photography | lounge room | underwater set |

    • Gong Yoga Music for Meditation and Sound Healing, & Spirituality Info-Link Resource

      I used to daydream about being underwater, swimming in my house, when I was little, haha. And it also makes me think of the song, "Explorers" by Sky Sailing. :) The practice of Dreaming, an art and a skill for the adventurous. I'd recommend having a guide & protector to comfortably navigate through the astral realms.

    • Evelien Nijeboer

      is she underwater? is she in a living room... are there 2 photos that were seamlessly stitched together?

    • Sherri Parkison

      I used to have reoccurring dreams about swimming through my house underwater. Awesome photo! - Photography by Phoebe Rudomino, Saatchi Gallery photo originally on the Pinterest site

    • Ailsa's Art and Photography

      Underwater photography #amazing #water #photos #models #beautiful #inspiring

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    When I'm pregnant, there's nothing that I'll want to do more than dress in a bikini and heels...and walk along the bottom of a pool.

    Leandro Erlich In one of the 21st Century Museum of Art (Kanazawa, Japan) courtyards is a swimming pool framed by a limestone deck. When seen from the deck, the pool appears to be filled with deep, shimmering water. In fact, however, a layer of water only some 10 centimeters deep is suspended over transparent glass. Below the glass is an empty space with aquamarine walls that viewers can enter.


    Soooooo cool! Family.

    Underwater Mansion by Nikiboy

    This swimming pool has an amazing photograph of NYC on it's bottom.... it looks like a flooded city...


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    Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Russia has created an advertising campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow. With the tagline “Discover the Full Story”,The underground buildings look more intricate and wonderful than the actual building above.The message is that the undiscovered history behind each building is a wealth of treasure and information.

    bubbles xx // mermaid life

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    Alice in Wonderland | Photo credit: Elena Kalis There is something just oddly beautiful about these.

    Taking a look at the swimming pool. From a quite different perspective.

    Underwater photography

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    The worst part is we’ve only explored less than 5% of the ocean. I need to explore the ocean. That's my life goal - to explore and discover as much of that wonderfully mysterious other-worldly place!! | Why No One Should Mess With TheOcean

    Mirror reflection

    I love this. Beauty.

    I LOVE this. I have wanted to do a floating series for a while. Without using a harness, I don't know how to do it...I could see about getting a climber's harness from work, but I'd have to get trained on how to do this safely.