so fun!

Randomly awesome pictures. LOL

This is so fun! Wonderful time waster!

And that no one can really speak English, if you come to think of it. | 21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ever


I'm all about some useless knowledge, but I could have gone my entire life without knowing numbers 28 and 50.

Just for fun


Story of my life

on/off coffee mug! >> So fun!

Teenager Posts

i before e ...


Neat ;p

best prank ever.

Lollll this kid wrote the best essay.

Don't act like you're not saying this over and over right now!


I just about spit out my lunch when I saw this

Every high school final I ever had an option to make a damn note card. It was the teachers trick to make us know all the information. You write it all down and you learn it and never look at the car during the test. Tricky teachers

So true.....