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  • Eileen Bennett

    ride the waves. I love anthing with water...but especially the ocean.

  • Sherry Thompson

    "m e r m a i d s" . . I don't see them. :-( Do you? Please leave a comment! I do love the glassy ocean waves. Neat colors! This photo would make the perfect source for a stained glass window design! Ooh, better! A stained glass door! Strange isn't it, how one minute something doesn't exist. The next minute it does, and you've GOT TO HAVE IT! ;-D


    LOVE this photo of the sea! The gentle color separation between the sand and sea, along with its color variations, is beautiful & majestic!

  • Amy Babler

    Blue, green, tan Translucent water colors

  • Mz Comb

    clear water

  • S. L. Hazzard

    the ocean colors

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I can smell the ocean when I look at this picture. One day I will live by the sea.

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