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    • Rushvi Desai

      Black, white, and a red bench.

    • Wanda Martin

      The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfilment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall. (Helen Garner) Follow me on #rain #shopandsave #quote #rainydays #rainyday #life

    • otrgirl @Carin

      Rainy Days / color "splash" red park bench

    • Diego Wolf

      rain, red, umbrellas:)


      rainy black and white day... with a red bench - #photography

    • otrgirl @Carin

      red bench / rainy day color splash

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    Colors shone with exceptional clarity in the rain. The ground was a deep black, the pine branches a brilliant green, the people wrapped in yellow looking like special spirits that were allowed to wander over the earth on rainy mornings only • Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

    I miss rainy days. Spring please come soon and don't forget to bring the rain with you.

    this is so pretty- i want a house with this feel to it- not the rainy day, but the coziness of being inside on a rainy day :)

    (Open RP) The rain pours and pours. It hasn't stopped for days and this is no exception. I see a red headed girl under a black umbrella, she is looking down and she seem sad. I stare at her through the crowd of people and I realize the city is bustling around me. "Excuse me!!" Someone shouts in my ear. I quickly turn around and accidentally trip over someone or something, and I land in someone's arms. I look up,"I'm so sorry!" I say (can someone be the girl he runs into? Please?)

    She asks me if she's falling, if I think she's going to die. I tell her, no not really, just keep your head up, try. But then it hits me all at once, swimming's for the others. My dearest friend, she needs to stay, so high above the waters. I've let her down, what treason's this?. For falling in's not wrong....but there are times when it's an ought, when it is the right season.

    She watched the rain fall softly on the earth, cleansing, healing, restoring, bringing beauty. And slowly, her heart started to heal too and became whole again.

    would also be great for a couple standing still for an engagement photo

    Estas detrás de este fino cristal pero aun así no puedo verte, la sutil lluvia que moja los suelos de esta ciudad fantasma me impiden ver el reflejo de tus ojos detrás del ligero cristal...

    Don't waste time fretting over muddy water -- splash and laugh like the rain will never fall again. ♥