neon glitter


Neon and Geometric Black Designs on White

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Neon pink

Neon tiger print

I like the color and sparkles @SamClaflinsWife not the zig zag I'm sick if the zig zag lol

neon green with one silver glitter nail.

Neon French Manicure

Summer neon nails! so pretty

Water Marble. First paint your nails a base color like white. Then get a bowl of LUKEWARM water. Put a drop of each color you plan to use in the water. Use a toothpick to draw a design on the water. Place your nail on the design and pull back slowly. For a different design on each nail, repeat the above steps for each nail. For less mess tape the sides of your nails. For the glitter affect seen here, just use a polish with some glitter in it. A full glitter polish WILL NOT work.

Neon nails love love.

Coral nails look great with glitter.

Neon <3

Bright neon nails inspiration for summer

Pink nails with glitter. I love these!

neon nails

neon rainbow