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    Sea Turtles


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    Garden eels in Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Nembrotha chamberlaini

    Hypselodoris kanga from Lembeh, Indonesia

    Spanish Dancer Jellyfish


    Tube worm - Mljet island, Croatia, Adriatic sea

    Blaschka jellyfish

    Purple Jelly in the Maldives. Lea Lee Underwater Photography

    White Jelly

    Cauliflour Jellyfish

    Harlequin Shrimps

    Jellyfish ✿ #ocean life

    starfish that regrew one of his arms!

    Coryphella verrucosa by Alexander Semenov

    Clione, or sea angel.

    Seattle Times Special series on Sea Change ... apps.seattletimes...

    Gorgeous, exotic fish plays in a reef.

    The Ping Pong Tree Sponge, Chondrocladia Lampadiglobus, lives more than 1 1/2 miles beneath the surface of the ocean and is carnivorous.

    An aglantha digitale is seen in an image taken on June 2, 2011. The specimen was found swimming in the White Sea, located near the northwest coast of Russia. (Flickr/Alexander Semenov)

    Clione or "sea angels" are small, gelatinous gastropods which have no shell and whose foot has evolved into a pair of delicate flapping wings.

    Coryphella verrucosa by Alexander Semenov

    by Alexander Semenov

    A tiny juvenile Lima bivalve spreads its filters in a balletic display from produced some amazing images. From Nikon’s Small World microphotography competition

    Bubble Snail Miniature Melo

    Baby Octopus