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  • Philippe Crawford

    Thanksmechanical pachyderm homage to Jules Verne and Da Vinci in Nantes, France awesome pin

  • Nicki Willis

    Exploring the world of children’s literature. From King Arthur's magical forest to Heidi's Alpine home, these spots will bring your favorite kids books to life. Really neat collection of places to travel.

  • Emma Taylor

    the Great Elephant is 12 meters high, weighs 45 tons, can carry 49 people on its back for a 45-minute promenade along the Loire River, and is powered by the motor from a city bus. But the not-in-Kansas-anymore part is that it trumpets, wags its tail, blinks its eyes, sprays people with water from its trunk, and has been known to pee on the sidewalk. The beast is but one of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, a sculptural and mechanical oasis of whimsical creatures inspired by Nantes native Ju... #france #travel #nantes

  • Holly Briggeman

    Nantes, France. amazing - huge walking elephant powered by engine from a city bus

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Adorable and colorful print of an elephant. I think my youngest daughter would LOVE this in their room when they move in.

Giant Elephant: Weighing 40 tons and measuring 12 m high, this mechanical elephant, designed by François Delarozière, with hundreds of moving parts and pistons was largely made of reclaimed poplar together with steel and flapping leather ears, was operated by 22 manipulators and could carry 30 people. It was the star of the live theatre show, The Sultan's Elephant. photo by Stox-Ideas Playground #Elephant #The _Sultans_Elephant #Francois_Delaroziere #Stox_Ideas_Playground

Elephants are social animals and function only in groups. They even have their own ceremonies to welcome to new elephants into their families. To stick together, baby elephants use their trunks to "hold hands" so-to-speak.

This looks like a dream house, if steel could dream I bet it would dream up a house like this.

images of Elephant tails | Elephant Tail and Trunk, South Africa | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Elephant House, Edinburgh Gourmet Tea and Coffee Shop. Made famous for writers such as J.k. Rowling who sat writing her Harry Potter Novels while overlooking Edinburgh Castle! So Cool!