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Why Is a Cricket a Sign of Good Luck?

by Laura Derrington
Crickets have played a strong role throughout Chinese, Japanese and Native American cultures as a symbol of good fortune, vitality and prosperity. As far back as 500 B.C., people revered the song of the cricket and often kept crickets in cages to enjoy that song on a regular basis. In addition, cric...

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'Bat Brand'. Bats are a Chinese "good luck" symbol.

One of the oldest known forms of currency, a symbol of fertility, good luck & prosperity and a sign of royalty in some cultures.

The Figa (fee-gah) is a symbol of an age-old myth in Africa, this clenched-fist good-luck charm came to Brazil with its XVII century slave trade. It is prized for luck, prosperity, and protection.

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Acorn: During the Norman Conquest, the English carried dried acorns to protect themselves from the brutalities of the day. Considered to be an emblem of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power, the Acorn is a good luck symbol indeed! It also represents spiritual growth

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Hopi Kokopelli Kachina - He is found in all pueblos of the southwest. A flute player, baby maker, seducer and good luck for hunters Kachina. In ancient Indian legend, Kokopelli the flute player was the symbol of happiness and joy. He talked to the wind and the sky. His flute could be heard in the Spring breeze, bringing warmth after the winter cold.

Hamsa: A hamsa is an ancient symbol of protection for many cultures,- it means "five" indicating the five fingers, since five is a sacred number in Hebrew tradition, it is also called the 'Hand of Miriam' and is used to ward off evil. The fish is often depicted in the hand and means good luck, the eye is used to deflect evil. Above the paisley fish in the palm is the hebraic word "chai"- which means "life". In the fingers above is spelled the word "emet" which means "truth".